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Sweet killer by maria5d
Sweet killer
(This is the real life me and my weapon is the twin scythe!)
Maria:Now then... How many time must I tell you.
You mess with my family you mess with me~
Understand that I'm not a sweet little girl. *smirk*
I'm a sweet killer~ who kills for fun or who ever
Hurts my family and friends just remember...
Run as hast as you can cause I'm not going
To stop in till your DEAD! *giggle evilly*
Art trade by maria5d
Art trade
So my boyfriend made in art trade with go see her page her art work is amazing! I got to say I would give this guy a kiss but I let my character do that if I were to ship them with him. Idk he is cute but I love my boyfriend more he to see. ^^ I hope u all like it.
Kiara Renoa by maria5d
Kiara Renoa
Name:Kiara Renoa
Being:half shadow and Ghost
Power:summons shadows,fire,knife and monsters
Weapon:Twin scythe
(The back story will be told later on but I hope you all like it! I love it and it awesome and she wearing a mask by the way. ^^)
Maria the Eyeless Ghost Echo by maria5d
Maria the Eyeless Ghost Echo
I thought if I draw this is get use to drawing two eyes and body it not much but it something. I hope you all like it! ^^
(If you understand this then you know why I post this...)

I seem to smile when your around but
I end up signing cause your not around
Feeling like trash was the only thing but
You made me smile instead of grief
I thought we be okay But no you
Said your not safe I understand
Why and I do not blame you
For feeling that way as I'm feeling
A different way. I never knew how
Sad I become how mad I gotten
In my past yet there nothing to do
But cry myself to sleep or cut myself
To stop the pain how can I feel this
Way if I smile to the people that
Are outside is it out of fear or
Sadness hiding in the dark is
All I do but feeling hopeless
Is what I always do carve my
Arm with a knife or a blade
As blood drop and stain my bed
I no longer care for the pain in
My arm I feel nothing but bitterness
My heart as gaven up hope and given
Up life what is this pain what is this feeling?
Depression,anxiety,anger all become one
As I drown deep in my thought,deep in my heart
And deep in my soul why do I feel this pain
Won't someone save me like they save their
Friends I guess they won't who wants someone
Like me useless,hopeless and worthless why
I'm still holding on? The chains won't let me
Go as I drown in hated and sorrow the way
As I drown hoping for it to end but this is
Just the beginning of the pain that were
Made from does who never care or love
Me for who I'm the pain grows stronger
Then ever as I hide my sadness deep in
My heart as it creak little by little but
Why do I hang on? Should I give up?
Should I end my emotions? How can I
Stop something that can't be stop?
As I hang on for my life but I'm ready to
Let go and give up...nothing matters one cares no one will
I'm just a Lost cause no one will know how i feel nobody....


maria5d's Profile Picture
Maria the ghost
Artist | Student | Other
United States
feeling a bit better now and is a little bit control of my emotions now.
Ask me or my boyfriend some questions and truth or dare we will try and draw it.

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